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Tech Goes Green
Samsung was looking for an out-of-the-box approach toward marketing their upcycling program, through which the brand repurposes old, unused smart devices, offering a sustainability-forward alternative to unnecessary manufacturing and planned obsolescence. 
As a designer and creative producer on the project, I collaborated closely with esteemed production house 1stAveMachine to develop set and character designs, and storyboard four separate pieces of stop-motion animated content. Additionally, I created custom advertorial spreads, on behalf of Samsung, across several print issues of Bloomberg Businessweek.
Giving New Life to Old Smartphones
What happens to old Galaxy smartphones once consumers upgrade to the newest model? There’s a chance they’ve been upcycled to be part of a medical exam platform or connected home device.
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Out of the Box
Samsung products are built with the environment in mind, including a solar-powered TV remote that is made from recycled plastics. And this spirit of environmentally-friendly innovation also extends to the packaging that protects those products in transit. 
A Chip With a Conscience
Samsung is investing significant effort to produce more sustainable memory chips that can save energy in data centers and reduce their overall environmental footprint. If all the world’s data centers adopted Samsung’s low-power green memory chips, the total energy savings gained would be enough to power all households in New York City for four months.
Eco-Design at Home
People now can live cleaner lives by doing their laundry, washing their dishes or keeping their food cold. Samsung is creating durable appliances that have a longer lifespan, are more durable and use less water and energy – without sacrificing performance. 
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