Procter & Gamble x Bloomberg Media
Event Activation
The 50 Liter Home 
A new innovation agenda for water
As global warming begins to change this planet, urban areas will face a water crisis; fourteen of the world’s biggest cities already deal with a lack of supply of this crucial resource. While people in the developed world typically consume hundreds of liters of water per day, Cape Town, South Africa has taken a new approach to tackling this looming issue. Recently, the city introduced Day Zero, an initiative which requires all four million of the city’s residents to reduce their water intake to fifty liters per day. 
In response, Procter & Gamble originated the 50L Home, a concept and activation which aimed to inspire companies, policy makers, and communities to work collectively to meet the issue of water scarcity head-on.

My team was tasked with executing the 50L Home to awe-inspiring completion, establishing a network of partners with the requisite skills to turn it into a reality. Sharing the concept’s ambition and worldview, we achieved this goal by working closely with our collaborative partners and aligning on a proposed coalition model and promotional agenda.
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