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Smart Paper
How Smarter Businesses Transform in an Uncertain World
The recent effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, international lockdowns, and invigorated social justice movements reverberated across all industries and communities. If nothing else, these massive disruptions served as proof that businesses need to be agile, resilient, and open to transformation. IBM, with the help of Bloomberg Media Studios, spoke to business analysts, technology experts, and C-suite executives to better understand practices and expectations as global corporations manage such turbulence, and use it to address immediate needs and drive material outcomes.
My colleagues and I were asked to position IBM as a thought leader on the topic of digital transformation and adaptation. In doing so, I worked to convert complicated data-driven models and hypotheses into visually coherent executive summaries for both print and digital consumption.
Executive Summary
IBM Staff Q&A's
Datagrams for Social Amplification
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