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A Vision for a Zero Emissions Future
GM’s wanted to spotlight their commitment to building out fast-charging, democratized, and climate-friendly infrastructure across the United States.
As the creative lead on this project I worked to develop a unique voice that would calibrate GM's brand presence to preserve authenticity while enhancing its brand positioning to appeal to Bloomberg's audience. In this campaign, the notion of retrofitting and completely re-engineering facilities, workers, and vehicles to create an all-electric future informs the overall aesthetic and voice across video and advertorial initiatives. 
Why There’s No Expiration Date on Expertise in Auto 2.0
By 2035, half of passenger vehicles sold will be electric, which means the entire automotive industry will have to evolve quickly. In order for this transformation to be successful, auto workers will need to acquire new skills, but institutional knowledge and legacy will be important, too. That’s why GM is cross-training the engineers who now work on internal combustion engines by pairing them with specialists who can teach them to work on electric vehicles. This is part of the Detroit automaker’s commitment to helping shape an all-electric future.
Interactive Immersive Experience
The All-Electric Future Must Also Be All-Inclusive
GM is prioritizing equitable climate action to help make the all-electric future inclusive for their current and future workforce, customers, and communities that may be more likely to experience the effects of climate change disproportionately. Users can interact in this piece to explore the key areas of equitable climate change action.
Electrifying Last Mile Deliveries Can Create a More Sustainable Supply Chain
Spend any time in a city and you’ll see it: an idling box truck, spewing exhaust and blocking bike lanes as its driver unloads packages, one by one. This common sight is more than a minor inconvenience; it’s a congestion-causing, air-polluting bottleneck that undermines the efficiency of urban living. Recognizing this issue, GM announced the launch of BrightDrop in January 2021. A tech startup bolstered by GM’s 113-year legacy, BrightDrop aims to bring sustainability to the movement of goods by offering a complete ecosystem of electric first-to-last-mile vehicles, software and services.
Leading the Charge for Equity in EV Infrastructure
New electric vehicles get plenty of attention, and understandably so. They’re cool, shiny and sleek. In the background, however, a crucial but more mundane object goes virtually unnoticed: the EV charging station. Without a robust network of charging hubs to plug into, using an electric vehicle for anything but short, local trips can be local trips can be challenging. General Motors, which is working to lead the way on electric vehicles and EV infrastructure, recognizes these challenges and is taking steps today to address them.
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