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The Imagination Exchange
Ericsson and Bloomberg will connect leaders and experts in different fields to discuss some of the biggest challenges facing their industries and the world, focusing on four themes: Sustainability, Education, Entertainment and Enterprise. The discussions will center around how real-world solutions are being born through connectivity. At the heart of these conversations will be how 5G, when combined with other technologies, is helping businesses, industries and individuals achieve what might have previously seemed unimaginable. The series will include both videos and articles.
My role in this project involves creating and executing a campaign brand and design style that combines live action photography and footage with illustration to conceptualizes cyber-physical collaboration. I am currently overseeing production house 1stAveMachine to develop storyboards and animation for three pieces of video content. I am also planning all creative aspects of pre-production for the live action portion of these videos, and working to design several data-based advertorial pieces.
The Future of Learning Is Immersive
Immersive learning is key to the future of workforce training and education.
Better Connectivity, Better Productivity
Connectivity and robots are opening up more opportunities for businesses than ever before. And 5G-enabled technologies are at the heart of this transformation: They will facilitate better human-to-human and machine-to-human interactions, allowing for greater productivity and a more sustainable way to work. AR, VR and digital twins already are enabling cyber-physical collaboration among teams and advanced product design and development in a virtual environment. The video discussion will focus on how the technologies at Ericsson’s factory are helping employees be more productive are making it easier for teams of employees from different locations to work better with each other. 
Campaign Animation Style
Video 1 Story Board Sample
Live Action Production Approach
Live Action BTS
Advertorial 1
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