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Immersive Digital Experience and Animated Video Series
Cracking the Code for Employee Happiness and Retention
Employee stress is at an all-time high globally, and only 21% percent of workers feel engaged at work, according to a recent Gallup report. Even more worrying, 2022 research from Future Forum and Boston Consulting Group found that 57% of desk-based workers are likely to look for a new job in the coming year, and 43% of “deskless workers”—those who need to be physically present to do their jobs—are similarly at risk of quitting.
Boston Consulting Group, however, has clear direction and tangible solutions for business leaders who are focused on attracting and retaining talent. BCG’s BLISS Index, which is based on survey responses from 27,800 employees across 16 countries, has identified inclusion as a critical factor in workplace happiness, with a meaningful impact on retention. When workers feel included, the index shows, their happiness and overall well-being improve and retention rates increase.
As the lead designer on this project, I was responsible for conceptual storytelling, ideation, and design across various mediums including video, digital, and social platforms. Throughout the project, I collaborated with Konsonat to develop an original score for the animated video series, oversaw Mute Animation Studios in creating motion graphics, and worked closely with our in-house web developer to create an immersive page that involved data storytelling.
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Cracking the Code for Employee Happiness and Retention
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