AT&T Business
Micro Documentary Video Series
The Network Effect
Connected technologies are powering innovations like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and robotics that are transforming entire industries. Now more than ever, business and technology decision-makers need to confidently put these applications into action. We played into these emerging technologies to set the scenes for our videos by creating completely custom 3D scenery using Unreal Engine.
AT&T Business joined forces with Bloomberg Media Studios to showcase how AT&T delivers reliability, security and expertise while establishing deep connections with business decision-makers.
As the lead designer and creative director on this project, I played a pivotal role in ideating the storyline, crafting storyboards, designing on screen graphics and supporting pre-production and set creation efforts. Collaborating closely with the production house, The Brigade, I contributed to the meticulous development of three-dimensional backgrounds, ensuring every detail aligned with our vision. Furthermore, I provided crucial direction on color correction throughout the campaign for consistency and visual impact.
Sponsorship of Bloomberg's "The Circuit" 
At the heart of the campaign is AT&T Business' sponsorship of "The Circuit with Emily Chang," a series that provides an exclusive look behind the scenes with founders, influencers and innovators leading business forward. 
The spirit of "The Circuit" animated the AT&T branded content, connecting with Bloomberg’s audience through captivating short films and engaging podcasts that positioned AT&T Business solutions as the go-to resource for guiding business leaders in adopting transformative new technologies.
The Process
From storyboards, to production, to completion.
Bringing the backdrops to life.
The Manufacturing Renaissance Needs Cybersecurity
Artificial intelligence, robotics and next-level connectivity are creating a new industrial revolution. But advancing this revolution is a challenging task for business leaders. The promise of smarter, safer and more efficient factories increasingly depends on cybersecurity. 
 What's Driving the New Golden Age of Transportation and Logistics?
Transportation is one of the world's oldest industries; even ancient Rome was known for its roads. But today, connected technologies are revolutionizing the transportation industry and re-imagining how goods are moved from point A to point B.
Telehealth, VR and the Future of Healthcare
Connected technologies like VR and telehealth are poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry — but only if healthcare companies are positioned to take advantage of these technological advances. 
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